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Family :

Super Strain

Arena name:

Knock out King

Size :

1.6 to 2

Colour :

Blue & grey

Attack :

35% stomach

60% face and eyes

5% tail

Description :

Super fighter that have " Dim Mark" hit to face and stomach. make opponent hard to swim and hard to focus in fight.

what special from this fighter beside dim mark hit is the super lock jaw that will broke opponent mouth and continues deadfull hit that any champion will have their worse day in their life

superior bone structure that endure fatal hit from opponent is another advantage from this fighter. combination of good defence and counter attack will make opponent change his style of fighting

i always said to any opponent...to any champions. You may have many game plans...you may have many theory of winning but before they hit hard in the face. Champion have many names... but the killer only show the result.

You are KNOCK and YOU are Out.... KNOCK OUT KING.

Price : USD 100
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